Difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO

Do you have an idea that what you will get after going high on Google? More traffic of course. More people will be able to approach you and get benefits from your services. But the thing is how to get up on Google? Of course, by getting good SEO of your website or content. And for that, it is obvious that you will need to have profound knowledge of SEO. Well, there are multiple ways to get a good SEO of your profile. But the top most discussed ways are the white hat and black hat SEO.  

Both of them will help you out in making your website position higher but, we will say sticking to the white hat SEO is the better option as it is not associated with any risks. And yes, you don't have to worry if you don't have profound knowledge about SEO you can directly take help from a professional like Dukanlay.com to stay in the top Google searches. 

Well, let us guide you and tell you some of the main differences between black and white SEO. Down here we will discuss each of them individually and tell you the major points that distinguish them.  Before goings toward the comparison and differences let’s see what actually white hat and black hats SEO are individual. 

What is white hat SEO?

The ethical and right way to optimize your website is known as white hat SEO. Basically, this method involves all of the concrete guidelines and criteria provided by the authorities. Well, in simpler words we can say the right and legal way to get your website ranked is called white hat SEO. 

What is Black Hat SEO? 

Like every other thing in this world SEO strategies also lies in two categories, the first one is the genuine one to use the right procedures and the second one is carried out by manipulating the right ways set by the search engine. 

Key differences between white hat and black hat SEO

1 White hat SEO follows all of the guidelines of Google webmaster while black hat SEO does not or follows them after manipulation. 

2 White hat SEO typically focuses on bringing organic traffic or human traffic while black hat SEO manipulates the rules and uses other tactics. 

3 White hat SEO is time taking and will definitely show long-term effects but after taking some time. Compared to this black hat SEO uses tricks to trap Google and make it think that the website is of more importance and ranks it among the top-rated websites. 

4 Black hat SEO is less time-consuming or we can say it is a quick buy. But with white hat SEO the case is different you will have to invest time, skill, and energy both to get the fruit. 

5 Another big difference between both SEO strategies is that white hat SEO is totally for the welfare of humans and black hat SEO is just for the owner of the website who will gain traffic. 

6 As a whole white hat SEO is for human users and black hat SEO is typically done to target search engines. 

Well, both of these SEO strategies are quite effective for new business owners. But remember you will have to stay alert while using black hat SEO as it is associated with several risks which may put your website's future at risk. 


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