Selling Products

Every so often, an opportunity comes around that is so good, it’s hard to pass up. One such opportunity is selling physical products on Dukanlay Store.

1) Register and Create Store

First of all Register yourself.Choose a plan that suits your business or start by selecting Theme first.Give details for your store.At the end pay the amount of package to create store.You just started your own E-commerce business.

2) Add Payment Methods

Most store owners prefer online payment methods like Credit Card but you can add your payment methods.Simply login to your account go to payment module and add your Payment method.And this option will automatically appears to customer on Order Page.

3)Shoot Your Products

If your going to shoot your product but you don't have Photo Studio or Photographer. Don't worry Simply contact Dukanlay .They will shoot your product at your office.(extra payment will be charged or depend on package)

4) Vendors

If you don't have Products.You can get Dukanly help to find vendor who will provide products.

5) Adding Product in Store

Once your store is created and you have managed to arrange products.Now its time to upload your products.Login to your account, go to Product management and then add product.Provide product details, mark standing and save your product.

6) Social Media Marketing

To keep your customer up to date. Do your product marketing on Facebook,Whatsapp and Instagram on your own or you can get help from Dukanlay.Dukanly store also have the feature to post your product on social media and one signal.

At the end you are selling your own Brand


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