Here are the steps to open brand successfully

Choose a Name for your brand

The name of your brand should always reflect the services or products that you offer. Your brand name should be as attractive as it should create a positive image in minds of new users. You can use tools present in the market like business name generators.

Realize your Goals

Every business has its own goal. Your goal can be having more and more food orders if you are a food business or if you are a lawyer then your goal might be having more and more clients. Always take your time while realizing your goals.

Research your Competitor and Targeted Audience

Competition is increasing day by day in every business. While building a brand you should be aware of your competitors and their strategies. This will help you to be unique and successful in a particular niche. Moreover, the targeted audience should be selected according to your business services area.

Choose the Looks for your brand

Once you have done all these steps. You will need to think about your visual elements like color, font, etc. The Looks convey the feeling you want to communicate and provides a great user experience. In the case of font always choose two fonts one for heading and one for body text to engage the user.

Be Actively Involved in Marketing

Marketing will let other people know what is your business and what services do you offer. You should be marketing on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, youtube, and other high traffic platforms in order to maximize your ROI.

Evolve your brand

According to research the mistake that most people do is after their brand grows they don’t evolve it. Whenever your brand grows you should hire employees and always try to appreciate your employees on achieving goals

How To Open Brand Via

If you are willing to open a branded store with Dukanlay. You should log on to and add your brand name and email in credentials. After that, your online store will be created and you will have complete access to customize your online store. You can change themes, do search engine optimization, do social media marketing, and add products according to your needs.
If you are interested in checking the analytics of your brand you can view it through our dashboard. This will help in analyzing your data and make better decisions in the future.


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