How to Create an Online Restaurant?

Here are the steps which show how to create an Online Restaurant.

Identifying your Target Audience

Targeting the wrong audience will cost us time and money. For example, if you spend a lot of money on brand awareness, invest in visual elements, search engines, and social media but choose the wrong audience, it would fail the brand. Therefore, choosing the right target audience has been given priority in establishing brand awareness.

Select your brand name

Always choose a brand name that suits your products and services best. A great brand name can create a great impression on users. It will open doors for your business in the future. Your brand name should be easy to read and should have significant meaning. If you choose the right name for your brand, it will leave a positive impact on your potential customers.

Design your visual elements

Visual elements play an essential role while creating an online store. It should include logo, videos, font, colors in the slider, images, and posts. Your Visual elements should reflect your brand. It should be user-friendly and SEO optimized. That is a key to ranking higher in search engines and getting more traffic on all social media platforms.

Create a User-Friendly Website and App

To make your restaurant digitized, an important step would be creating a user-friendly website and app. DukanLay helps you in creating a user-friendly website and application. You can choose a restaurant theme for your website. A user-friendly website and app will help you in gaining more customers as it will increase the reach of your customer.

Create your presence on Search Engine

There is a lot of traffic on different search engines like google, bing, and many others. Google is the search engine with the most traffic. You are missing out on quality traffic if you are not present on Google in today's day and age. If you want to have a presence and achieve Google ranking, the first step is an ecommerce website. You can get your ecommerce website from that is the best ecommerce website builder in Pakistan. The second step is the Seo (search engine optimization) of your website. A good SEO strategy will make your website user-friendly, achieve Google presence and ranking for your business.

Create your presence on social media

When it comes to social media, everyone wants to have maximum visibility on all social media platforms. But it is not that easy. You have to be consistent to achieve your goals. You should know how to use social media platforms to create your online presence. If you lack social media skills, will help you with all your social media marketing activities.

Features Of Restaurant Website

A successful brand always provides unique experiences and products that anyone else cannot provide.

Features DukanLay offer in your Branded Restaurant

  1. Online Restaurant Website
  2. Products Management
  3. Customer Management
  4. Order Management
  5. Rider Management
  6. Responsive and SEO Friendly Design
  7. Google Analytics and Search Console Integration
  8. Check out Process
  9. Easy Paisa Integration
  10. Onsite SEO Module
  11. Facebook Page Creation and Integration With Online Website
  12. Instagram Page Creation and Integration with Online Website
  13. Payment Gateway from Integration

Features Of Restaurant Website

Why should Restaurants have their website?

A restaurant should have an ecommerce website because it helps to boost its business. A restaurant website will help create brand awareness among people about the restaurant. You can advertise your restaurant at a lower cost by having a website as compared to print and commercial advertisements. Moreover, having a restaurant website will help in the search engine optimization of your business. You can build trust among your customers by adding reviews on the website. Most importantly, a website will contribute to getting more orders for the restaurant.

Why should Restaurants have their own app?

A restaurant should have its own app because it helps your business in making it more convenient. A restaurant app will increase customer reliability, brand loyalty, and awareness among people. It will help you in tracking your order more conveniently. Your Google reviews and ratings will help you gain more customers as it will encourage other potential customers to download and use the app. It will ultimately result in more orders for the restaurant.


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