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About DukanLay Solutions

DukanLay is an e-commerce service which provides e-commerce stores to its clients. We are one of the prominent businesses which are e-commerce website builders in Pakistan. We help businesses in building their global connection through using advanced technology. Moreover, we provide innovative and creative features and themes for the online store which are user-friendly and can be easily maintained. We provide a number of services to our clients so that they can digitize their brand and build their customer base. We provide services including SEO, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Product Photography, and Express Delivery service. All these services would help a brand in gaining authentic traffic which would result in more precise clientele.

DukanLay provides the best SEO services in Pakistan so if you want to rank your website and get maximum traffic and ranking in the search engine then you can avail our services. Furthermore, we provide services of Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing as most of the people are engaging through Social Media mediums and are connecting with the people that buy and sell through these platforms.

We provide the best social media marketing in Pakistan that helps customers in expanding their business worldwide and connecting to most of the people that buy products online. We also provide an express delivery service through which the Seller can deliver their products to the buyer anywhere in Pakistan. It is basically a courier delivery service that delivers your parcel within 2 hours to 72 hours depending upon the kind of delivery package you selected. We create an e-commerce and in the meanwhile, the customers gains trust over us by getting the best, unique, and affordable e-commerce services in Pakistan

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Ability to Meet Deadlines

To meet our clients' deadlines for project delivery, we're always willing to go above and beyond.



We think it's important to communicate with clients the exact stage of what their projects are at.



Effective communication is key to building a strong relationship.


Proactive Approach

Instead of reacting to problems as they arise, we prefer to plan ahead and prepare in advance.