Why is SEO important for your Ecommerce Business?

In today’s time, Search Engine has become the most significant part of digital marketing. It is one of the most important and necessary tools in establishing your brand. The main purpose of SEO is to improve the position of the website on different search engines through different actions and strategies. SEO is the key to building better relationships with the audience. It increases your authority and helps you increase the organic search of the customers. It increases the quality and quantity of traffic to your website.  Organic Search contributes to better website performance as it drives more people to the website and would result in more conversion and engagement. A website that has a higher ranking comes more in the search, increasing the brand’s online visibility.

It is important to expand your bricks-only business to bricks and clicks business to expand the customer horizons. By taking your business online, more customers will be able to reach you leading to more sales generation making your business more profitable. To make your business online, you need to create your digital presence. DukanLay is a platform that provides an ecosystem for ecommerce. We help you create your complete digital presence that includes an ecommerce website, app, social media, and search engine optimization services. SEO is a very significant part of your digital presence as it helps in making your brand recognized and rank in the search results. SEO is a requirement for all businesses. Whether you have a business that has no competition or your business is already ranking at the top because of the nature of the business or you have a business that is struggling to be ranked. It is important for all these businesses as it plays a crucial part in the online success of the business. If you implement an effective SEO strategy, your website will start ranking as it will start moving up in the search results, ultimately contributing to the growth of your business. DukanLay provides the best SEO services in Pakistan. You can avail our efficient SEO services that would make your business successful on the online platform. We implement efficient strategies and plan for the ecommerce business. We cover all the aspects while planning and implementing our SEO strategy. It evolves from on-site SEO, off-site SEO to content optimization.

As discussed above, all businesses need SEO for the growth of their business but their needs differ from each other. Some businesses require more SEO than others. The parameter of it is not the business or industry but other factors that play a role in it. The following factors determine what strategy, plan, and intensity of SEO are required for a website.

  • The website is in the growth phase
  • Visitor route to the website
  • Keyword selection and how the business wants it to be ranked
  • Competition for the keywords
  • Past history of the SEO of website
  • If the website is under penalty

The SEO of your business would depend on these factors. These factors can easily be controlled and monitored but there are other aspects that can not be controlled and monitored. For instance, If you have a food delivery business and you want to rank your business on the keyword “Food Delivery”, it will be more expensive and would take more effort and time. But on the other hand, if you try to get it ranked on food delivery in Lahore (or your target market), it will be less costly, easier, and less time-consuming. It is because competition for the keyword “food delivery” is more than “food delivery in Lahore” which means that it would take a lot of time to reach the top positions. This way you can control and monitor these factors.

SEO will help businesses to directly influence website ranking, traffic, and overall sales, contributing to the growth of the business. It is why businesses need to implement proper and efficient SEO strategies. 


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