Do we need to do SEO before building a website?

Every website owner wants to see their website in the spotlight. Well, what do you think are the possible ways to make your website jam-packed with traffic? The most important things to consider for making your website one of the best and most viewed websites are website design and SEO. 

Do you have any idea how important SEO is for the rankings of your newly made website? If no then let us make it clearer that SEO is actually the growth fuel for your newly developed website. And yes, remember that SEO is not just limited to some goal or point. You start SEO before the launch of your website and keep on working on it until the website gets a good spot. In such a case getting help from a professional SEO company like that provides SEO services and gives suggestions will be a good idea. 

Generally, when a new website is launched, Google SEO places it into a "sandbox" or crawls it. These are the common terms used by SEO experts. By these terms, we mean that Google keeps on analyzing and interpreting whether this new website is capable of going up in the views of the general public or not. It uses its own Algorithms to judge whether they can trust your website or not and how well you optimized your site for the search engine. 

In our view, starting optimization of your website before it gets launched is the best idea. By doing so, you are providing Google with quick evidence immediately after launching your website that your website is capable of showing up on the top. But that does not mean you can stop working on the optimization process after the launch of your website; you need to work for life long and keep making it better to get good local SEO results and maximum traffic on your website. 

What is the role of domain and URL in SEO ranking? 

The very first and most important thing about your website is the domain name. Yes, you heard that right. The domain name in literal means the location and nature of your websites. It puts light on the services or products you provide on your website. For example, if your website revolves around homemade food or fried food, then you need to add these specific works into the domain name.

Therefore, there will be nothing wrong with it if we say that domain name has a significant impact on the SEO ranking of your website. Having a proper domain name can do wonders for your newly built website. So it is advised to choose your domain name wisely. Taking help from a professional SEO service provider can be a helping hand for you.

After choosing the domain name, your next important step is to make a URL. URL for your website is a collection of keywords collectively making a well-organized code or ranking factor. URL itself is not playing any role in the on-page SEO ranking of your website, but a few keywords include are supportive of taking the website higher in search engine optimization. For instance, if you are using HTTPS at the start of your website's URL, this s represents that this website is safe and secured. Upon noting this, definitely, Google will take your website to its peak.