Learn How to get first sale on your Ecommerce Store

Dukanlay Guides You How To Attract Audiance To Increase Your Store Sale.You Can Also Get SEO And Social Media Marketing Services From Dukanlay

Here's How To Get First Sale

Improve Google Rank

First you need to improve Google Rank by Improving SEO score and speed of your Store.So that your store appears on first page of Google Search.If you don't know how to do this you can get SEO of Dukanlay

Social Media Marketing

To attract Customers you have to do marketing on Facebook,Twitter,Instagram etc.Dukanlay Ecommerce Store have a advance feature of social media posting.If you dont have time to do this you can get Social Media Marketing services from Dukanlay

News letter

Dukanlay Stores have a advance feature of creating Newsletter for the subscribers.You can create news letter of an Event,Coupon or a Product promotion

Create Events

You have to create Events with attractive discount prices in your store to gain traffic.

Create Coupon

Create Coupon and regulate it on social media and Newsletter so that more people visit your store to get discount.


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