How to get the Google ranking of your online eCommerce website?

It is quite obvious that every website owner wants his site to be on the first page. Isn't it so? The reason behind this wish is the point that having a highly visible or top-rated site will get more organic traffic which eventually leads to more sales. 

Specifically, with the new website owners or the ones who are new in eCommerce, before working on making money, their goal is to earn a good reputation and Google website ranking. Accomplishing this target or goal is no less than a challenge because starting as a beginner in between the well-established and well-reputed brands is definitely an arduous task to go on top of. But nothing is impossible if one stays determined throughout his journey and opts for a good marketing strategy and SEO ranking techniques. 

Well, going for a well-reputed SEO service provider to seek help is a good idea. You can go for , which is probably dealing with the best SEO services in Pakistan in an accurate means. But if you remain successful in following the next beginning Search engine optimization checklist. 

Custom Domain Name

Your first step to getting good Google rankings is buying a custom domain. You can get this done through a good SEO service provider like . Having a good domain means your website will succeed in search. Also, it identifies your website, so always try to stay specific and use related keywords in it. 

Google Analytics

Now comes Google analytics which is free for every Google account holder. Try to set up a proper tracking code for your website so that Google can easily track your website content for ranking purposes. 

Try to use SEO Tools

There is nothing more thoughtful than going for SEO tools to get fully optimized content for your website. Yes, you heard that right; there are many SEO tools that you can go for free as well. Some of the most popular SEO tools include SURFER SEO, Mozbar Screaming Frog, etc. 

Set up Google Search Console for your website

This is a free service offered by Google that you can use to maintain and monitor your website presence in SEO results. Also, it can help you to troubleshoot all of the problems that you are facing with the site presence on search results. 

Extensive keyword research

Always try to go for the keywords that are strictly related to your services or the nature of your website. Try to add seasonal search terms to stay on the top in every season. Adding linked images, textual content, and internal linking can also work great for your newly created online business. Don't forget to add the main keyword to the page URL. 

Page optimizations for collection and blog pages

Don’t forget that you can only use the tag of H1 for the main headlines or the top headings. Only this is the way to stay in the notice of Google SEO. Likewise, the word limit of your website content title should remain between 60 characters only. Now comes the met description that is the most critical part. Always try to keep it between 150 to 160 characters to make a good impression of your website content. 

As a whole, if you will follow all of the tricks mentioned above and strategies, your website will definitely go to its peak in the least possible time. Well, endeavor to act smart and get what you ever longed for before building an eCommerce website.