Why Social Media Marketing is Important for Your E-commerce business?

Social Media Marketing for e-commerce businesses is an essential step in their success as it plays a vital role in the business’s brand building and sales growth. It helps in brand recognition and brand resonance among the customers. Social media marketing company such as DukanLay helps businesses get brand recognition and resonance, leading to several opportunities for e-commerce businesses. It includes valuable insights into your business through social media mediums. Moreover, it involves building a strong value proposition for your e-commerce business. If you want to work on building a social media profile for your business, DukanLay provides you with the best social media marketing in Pakistan. 

Social media profiles help businesses in engaging with customers directly and understand the behavioral patterns of the customers. In today’s day and age, social media platforms have a huge impact on its user when it comes to brand relatability and purchasing decisions. You can build an impactful brand by getting the best social media marketing services from DukanLay.

How Social Media Marketing Contributes to Buyer’s Purchase Decision?

People are highly influenced by social media mediums nowadays. Social Media Marketing in Pakistan is used in building a brand’s image. It has been observed and reported that customers do not just follow a brand on social media. They keep on engaging with the brand in the form of visiting the website or app i.e. increasing their traffic, purchasing from the business, rating, and creating a word of mouth. 

Social Media Marketing helps e-commerce businesses through these aspects.

Social Ecommerce:

Social Ecommerce is another phenomenon used by e-commerce businesses to attract potential customers. Social E-commerce is selling your products directly through the social media platform. It is vastly successful because it is providing all the facilities on one platform. From discovering a brand (their products and services) to being able to make a purchase, all in one place. DukanLay helps in the social e-commerce of businesses as it provides the best social media marketing services in Pakistan.

Building Brand Awareness:

More than half of the world’s population is using different social media platforms. It is a way to reach potential customers. You can spread brand awareness amongst your customers through your social media presence. Potential customers are likely to engage with the brand if you have a strong social media presence as has been observed and reported that 83% of Instagram users discover new products on that platform. It is why e-commerce businesses need to maintain their social media platforms because people resonate with the brand and create an impression of it by how they have maintained their brand. 

Social Media Strategies and Campaigns:

The next step is to strategize and create social media campaigns for the brand. The first step of strategizing is to find the most suitable platform for the social media campaign of your e-commerce business. All the social media platforms offer significant features that would give you an opportunity to market your products. You can advertise your products by specifically basing your campaign on your target audience i.e. potential customers. For you to understand your potential audience, social media platforms provide you analytics that depicts the demographics and behaviors of your potential audience. For instance, If you have an apparel business, you need to opt for Instagram. Similarly, if you have a corporate website then Facebook. You can choose a platform that is suitable for your business.

Optimization of Social Media Account:

After you have established your brand image and created awareness regarding your business, you need to optimize your social media account. It is important to do so because by optimizing your social media platform, you are making your brand more accessible. It is because your brand and products start showing up in the search result. People can find information regarding your brand. If they are looking for a product that your brand offers, SMO helps customers to reach your brand faster. You need to find relevant keywords and hashtags for your social media optimization. It is necessary for you to add your website link with the product so that customers could make a purchase easily. This way they do not have to find your product on your website. 

DukanLay is a social media marketing company in Pakistan that helps businesses in creating a strong social media platform as it provides the best social media marketing in Pakistan. This would leave an impact on customer’s buying behavior and would ultimately lead to more sales. 


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