9 Reasons to Choose DukanLay

DukanLay provides a complete ecosystem for ecommerce. We are a platform that aims at providing complete eCommerce and digital solutions to its clients. We provide quality ecommerce and digital services in Pakistan. We help you create your digital brand and help you establish your brand in the market. Many companies offer ecommerce services but either they lack in quality or are not that affordable. Moreover, most ecommerce companies do not support your business when it comes to your digital needs i.e. helping your business with SEO and your social media presence. DukanLay is a platform that will take care of all your ecommerce and digital needs. 

Why DukanLay is the best choice to grow your business

User-Friendly Website 

It is an essential step of a successful business to have a user-friendly website. Many companies neglect customer usability which impacts negatively on the performance of your website. Dukanlay provides you with an ecommerce user-friendly website. We help businesses in establishing their digital presence. We provide you with a website that helps with increasing user experience. Customer usability is essential for the success of any website and has to be taken into consideration.  If a website is user-friendly, it will increase the traffic and would boost the sales and revenue of the business. Moreover, DukanLay gives you the chance to create your store through three simple steps. We provide a user-friendly admin panel through which you can easily operate and update your website.

User-Friendly App

A user-friendly app is a necessity for businesses to grow their market and be more successful. Since the usability of mobile phones generally has increased, having a mobile app is a must. It will give people a platform where they can shop and be visible to the customers at all hours. A mobile app will give customers a chance to interact with the business. As a mobile app has become such a big part of the customer experience, the app must be user-friendly. If an app is not user-friendly, it will lead to a bad customer experience. The designing of a user-friendly app is not an easy target to achieve. DukanLay facilitates its clients with a user-friendly app so that your customers can easily contact you. Our user-friendly apps provide an excellent user experience leading to more customer engagement and growth.


Branding is an important step in establishing your brand. DukanLay work on the complete visual branding of your website. We decide on the color palette of the website. Moreover, we design sliders and banners for your website by a professional designer. We ensure that your website is visually appealing as it affects the user experience of the customer.

Product photography and videography

DukanLay facilitates its clients with professional photography and videography services. You can get these services from DukanLay as it will help you communicate with customers. It is observed that customers can relate to a brand better if they see any visual representation. If a business has a video explaining the services they offer, more potential customers would engage and be inclined towards your brand/ business.


Blogging helps businesses to share information regarding their products and services out in the world. You can even share your opinions related to relevant topics. A blogging website will help businesses to create their own identity and it will make the business more approachable. DukanLay creates blog-friendly websites. We have a user-friendly admin panel through which you can update and add new blogs on your own. 

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing is an essential step in the success of an ecommerce business as it plays a vital role in the business’s brand building and sales growth. It helps in brand recognition and brand resonance among the customers. Social media marketing company such as DukanLay helps businesses get brand recognition and resonance, leading to several opportunities for e-commerce businesses. Also, it provides valuable insights into your business through social media mediums. It involves building a strong value proposition for your e-commerce business. If you want to work on building a social media profile for your business, DukanLay provides you with the best social media marketing in Pakistan. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has become the most significant part of digital marketing. It is one of the most important and necessary tools in establishing your brand. The main purpose of SEO is to improve the position of the website on different search engines through different actions and strategies. DukanLay provides the best SEO services in Pakistan . You can avail our efficient SEO services that would make your business successful on the online platform. We implement efficient strategies and plan for the ecommerce business. We cover all the aspects while planning and implementing our SEO strategy. It evolves from on-site SEO, off-site SEO to content optimization.

Paid Advertisement

Paid Social media advertisement is essential in today’s market as it will help businesses to increase their reach. You can decide your budget but your reach would increase even with the minimum budget set by Facebook or Instagram. You’ll be able to enhance your target market as you’ll get more market insights through these paid advertisements. DukanLay helps its clients with paid social media advertisements. 

Delivery Service

DukanLay helps its businesses with the delivery of their product. You can get delivery service from DukanLay.com and we will help you in delivering your order. We provide express delivery which includes immediate, 2 hours and 24-hour delivery. If you have a product business then you don’t have to worry about the logistics as DukanLay is here to fulfill all your needs. 


DukanLay is an e-commerce service which provides e-commerce stores to its clients. We are one of the prominent businesses which are e-commerce website builders in Pakistan. We help businesses in building their global connection through using advanced technology. Moreover, we provide innovative and creative features and themes for the online store which are user-friendly and can be easily maintained. We provide a number of services to our clients so that they can digitize their brand and build their customer base. We provide services including SEO, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Product Photography, and Express Delivery service. All these services would help a brand in gaining authentic traffic which would result in more precise clientele. Read More