Create Saas Website with Dukanlay is a cloud kitchen that provides a chance to different restaurants and independent businesses by giving them a platform to showcase their products and Dukanlay provides them the facility of getting their products delivered to their customers. is an instant solution for all the people craving something while sitting at home. If a restaurant or an independent or home-based business wants to come-on board with Fresh Store, they have to sign up with them through their mobile app.

Features that we added to this Website

Logo For Client


Client wanted to have a Logo that represent Fresh Food that could be delivered to anywhere in Lahore. We used green color to represent Fresh Food and Pin to represent Delivery. With sustainability and organic being at the top of mind for many consumers, green is making its way to becoming one of the more popular colors in the food supply chain.

Here are Top Google Ranked Keywords

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Top Keywords

Keyword Page Page Rank Competing
Monthly Food Delivery 2nd
Homemade Food 3rd
Food Delivery Lahore 2nd


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