Should we just Rely on Social Media Pages for our Online Business or Make Our Website as well?

Generally, marketing refers to selling and promoting goods or services to people. And do you know what the basic pillars of marketing are? Research and advertisement. Research is necessary for making fine decisions related to one's business and staying safe from uncertain decisions. And advertisement is the primary step towards informing and making people aware of your services. 

The main objectives of advertisement, i.e., to inform, buy or sell, and reinforce the brand message, are obtained through several means. Social media is one the most common means for business advertisement. Yes, you heard that right. For the previous few years, social media is not only used for chit-chat and sharing pictures, but it has also become one of the most popular tools to promote several businesses. 

The question that arises here is whether choosing an effortless path like promoting business through social media and leaving the website building process behind is any good or not? Let’s open up and talk in detail. 

What is the role of website building for our online business? 

For an online business building, a website means providing a platform or storefront to the interested audience or customers. Many people make their online marketing website themselves, and some opt for reaching a helping hand like that helps them in creating the best and attractive e-commerce marketing profile. However, having a good website is essential, as your online business website or storefront provides an opportunity to find you virtually and make assumptions about your products or services. This will build a relationship between you and your customers and give a feeling of satisfaction to every person who is going to buy your products or services.   

Is social media marketing also as effective as marking through a proper website? 

Social media is built to run relaxed-fashion affairs. In short, it is intended to communicate, share thoughts, chit-chat, and share photos plus videos. Have you seen the word marketing anywhere? No right? This means you can use social media as a communication platform but not for business advertisements. There are many other reasons to support this statement like we are going to mention in the upcoming lines. 

Promoting your business through a platform or doing Facebook marketing means that you provide an opportunity to a wide range of people to judge your business or products. In such conditions, along with the interested audience, you also allow uninterested people to do mischievous things and randomly do something to damage your reputation. And once your reputation goes down, there is no way to come up again. So, for social media marketing, getting a permanent ban is always a threat. Once something bad happens, all of your efforts go in vain, no matter how many years you have worked to bring up your business. 

Other than this, promoting a new business through social media is not as easy as it looks. It requires plenty of time and effort. Specifically, when you don’t have a wide friends circle or colossal following on social media sites, it's totally useless to do social media marketing. You can only do this properly if you take help from a proper social media marketing agency, but again it demands resources.

Similarly, running your business through a social media platform rather than a good website means you need to stay active 24/7 to answer general queries of the random public, unlike a proper website on which frequently asked questions are already answered. Also, other fields to satisfy confused customers are there on a business website, if built by a professional like

Well, what we think is that if you want to get a good outcome and get payback for your time investments, you need to look for a professional like to get marketing tips from them and help build a proper and well-organized website for your online business. This will not only give you a good platform to run a digital marketing company but will also help you to generate leads, facilitate sales and logistics and help you out in building sound financial relationships. 

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