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Custom Ecommerce Solutions:

You may maximize the potential of your platform and use it to grow your company by using a custom eCommerce solution. Although the DukanLay's eCommerce website builder has extensive features right out of the box, our development team is always prepared to take on new development requests. DukanLay's eCommerce website builder team will take care of you and add additional features to your site to the exact requirements if your business has a one-of-a-kind eCommerce issue or demand.

Get a Complete Strategy of Ecommerce Development

The eCommerce website builder from DukanLay is the result of extensive experience with custom eCommerce development over many years. We can adapt our eCommerce platform and connectors to each business's workflows because we are experienced in working with firms that have specific requirements. The track record of DukanLay also includes:

  • Working with Fortune 500s to startups since 2006
  • $11 billion processed
  • Certified Partner of DNN, Sitefinity, Sage and Microsoft
  • Dozens of years of website development experience
  • Specialty knowledge of developing custom eCommerce solutions

If you’d like to find out more, feel free to browse our featured client projects.

Advantages of Ecommerce Development

You can add these features to your custom eCommerce website builder from DukanLay to increase customer satisfaction and revenue:

  • Powerful scalability (millions of SKUs) and flexibility for unique products
  • Customizable integrations into backend ERP and CRM systems
  • A versatile content management system built just the way you want it
  • Unique shipping protocols and integrations available
  • Automatic on-site quote estimation for custom built products
  • Built on ASP.NET for maximum versatility

Our Services

A unique strategy is needed to build a successful eCommerce platform. Each industry has its own unique processes and client behavior. All of these integrations with third-party services, pre-existing software, or marketing tools necessitate specialized solutions. We understand how to use eCommerce to accomplish corporate objectives as well as how to make it user-friendly and conducive to business expansion.


Our Ecommerce Development Process

When creating a top-notch software solution, a wide range of elements must be taken into account, from a flawless user experience to amazing performance. The challenges specific to e-commerce website builders make the situation more difficult. Be at ease, though! All you require to make it work is a talented team of e-commerce developers!

Ecommerce Website Builder

UX/UI Design

Without a doubt, an eCommerce website needs to have an amazing design. The only way to increase up-selling and cross-selling is through intuitiveness, simplicity of locating information and items, responsiveness, and easy payment regardless of device or browser.


Backend Development

Without strong and reliable server-side software, even the most fantastic frontend application with a well-designed user experience would not be successful. Never undervalue the backend because it is the engine that drives up sales. Reliability is essential for the success of the entire project.

Ecommerce Website Builder
Ecommerce Website Builder

Frontend Development

A great eCommerce web app must be able to engage users and foster loyalty. That requires it to be extremely quick, interactive, and to be used with top-notch features. Pick the ideal structure, then watch the magic happen!



Your eCommerce platform needs to be integrated with the most popular solutions that your users will expect to be able to utilize in order to improve customer experience, foster interaction, and foster greater platform loyalty. The two finest examples are social media and payment processors. It's critical to understand how to use plugins and APIs without slowing down the system or degrading performance.

Ecommerce Website Builder
Ecommerce Website Builder


Do take quality assurance seriously. New functionalities must be proven to be stable before going live. At the end of day, there’s only one chance to make a good impression of a place reliable enough to spend your money on! Early error detection ensures good software quality and boosts sales of the finished product.



Making your online store rank highly in search engines is essential since it will increase sales. Never undervalue Google's influence! To boost the visibility of targeted phrases in searches, carefully organize the page's structure and create or optimize a page that is content-rich.

Ecommerce Website Builder
Ecommerce Website Builder


The process of developing a great eCommerce solution does not end with the release. The best online stores and marketplaces are continually evolving and developing in order to respond to a business environment that is constantly changing. Trust a reputable group to maintain your system based on your demands.

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Why Choose Dukanlay

Ecommerce Website Builder

We have more than ten years of expertise in the software development and IT consulting industries, 100+ employees on staff, and a network of partners that includes an additional 50 worldwide technological specialists.

Ecommerce Website Builder

We began in ecommerce development 14 years ago and have grown to be a global provider of complex technology-driven business solutions.

Ecommerce Website Builder

We have extensive knowledge of the retail sector and can boast of a diverse portfolio of completed projects.

Ecommerce Website Builder

We also provide custom software development across 30 different industries.

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You probably have a lot of questions right now about the price, the difficulty of the implementation, and the duration of a custom ecommerce solution. Lets do it together.

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Ecommerce Website Builder


Our social media marketing agency in Pakistan can help you with your campaign whether you run a startup or a successful business. By using our social media marketing services, you may increase your brand's visibility online and establish meaningful relationships with your followers and customers.

Ecommerce Website Builder


Ranking better in the SERPs is a primary priority for any eCommerce business because 37.5% of traffic to e-commerce sites comes from search engines. DukanLay is the leading eCommerce SEO company in Pakistan, with over 20 years of experience helping businesses in achieving high rankings and more traffic. You will be able to outsell your competitors with the assistance of our team of specialists.

Ecommerce Website Builder


DukanLay is a platform that will help its clients in business branding services in Pakistan. We help you create a strong brand presence that would help you gain customer attention. In order to stand out in a competitive market, your brand needs to have a competitive edge not just in terms of its products or services but also in its online presence.

Ecommerce Website Builder


To help you expand your business online, we provide end-to-end mobile app development services for different platforms. We develop and deploy custom mobile applications, providing solutions for small, midsize and large companies from different industries. Over the past few years, we have produced dozens of well-known apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Ecommerce Website Builder


We design, develop, and deploy custom software solutions for organizations that want to make an impact through technology. We are ranked among the top Website Development Company, and we use custom web development services in Pakistan that is built on technical knowledge, data-driven strategy, and leadership skills to help businesses realize their full potential.

Ecommerce Website Builder


You can automate particular business processes with the help of the desktop software from our Developer to enhance performance, coordinate company processes, and boost employee productivity. Our desktop program offers effective data security and protection against unauthorized access and are periodically open for upgrades.

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Ecommerce Website Builder
Ecommerce Website Builder
Ecommerce Website Builder
Ecommerce Website Builder
Ecommerce Website Builder
Ecommerce Website Builder
Ecommerce Website Builder
Ecommerce Website Builder
Ecommerce Website Builder
Ecommerce Website Builder

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Ecommerce Website Builder

Ecommerce store development is the process of designing, building, and launching an online store for businesses to sell their products or services.

Yes, custom features can be added to an ecommerce store, depending on the platform used. Custom features can include things like a unique design, additional functionality, and integrations with other systems.

You can market your ecommerce store in Texas through various channels such as social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, paid advertising, and influencer marketing.

Some key features that an ecommerce store should have include a user-friendly interface, mobile responsiveness, easy navigation, a secure checkout process, and the ability to accept multiple forms of payment.

To ensure that your ecommerce store is secure for customers in Texas, it's important to use a secure payment gateway, implement encryption,and have a privacy policy in place.

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Ecommerce Website Builder
Ecommerce Website Builder
Ecommerce Website Builder
Ecommerce Website Builder